Global Reproduction Solutions


Embryo Transfer

Global Reproduction Solutions (GRS) offers an on farm embryo transfer (ET) service for cattle breeders across Australia.  We regularly visit farms in various states around the country, servicing both dairy and beef clients.  We provide our clients with an easy to read yet detailed program to follow and we take the time to discuss each donor’s flush history or expected results.  We try to set a program to maximize results whilst ensuring the on-going viability of the donor being flushed.

GRS is also able to offer an on-centre environment at Goorambat for beef donors and dry dairy cows or heifers.  Each donor is routinely checked to ensure that they are ready to be flushed and enter a program with a specifically designed, controlled, nutritional protocol to maximize results.  We set up and run the programs personally, ensuring the AI is done on time, at the right time.


Embryo Splitting

GRS are experienced in the art of embryo splitting. This is an added advantage to breeders looking to maximize the number of pregnancies from fresh transfers. Embryo splitting is performed by taking a fine blade and splitting suitable embryos into 2 demi embryos. Each of these demi embryos are transferred fresh into suitable recipients. Experience has shown that the subsequent pregnancy rate is between 100 and 120% of the original number of embryos split.


GRS runs a Department of Agriculture accredited embryo export facility, allowing clients with overseas interest to be able to meet demand for their genetics.  We have been exporting bovine embryos to countries including New Zealand, Canada, USA, the EU and China, spreading the best of Australian bovine genetics across the world.

We also work in close conjunction with Dave and Roz Kennett of Genstock NSW,  who run an ovine embryo export facility, and  have been able to meet demand for ovine and caprine embryos to many different countries.